Student Services

The SSA Student Services Department’s mission is to support the social-emotional development and learning needs of each student. Our shared knowledge of child development allows us to advocate for our students in the classroom and provide professional guidance and resources to their families and teachers. We are devoted to ensuring that each student at SSA feels valued and reaches their full potential.

Specific Services

Individual and Family Support: Members of the team are available to consult with families regarding their children’s learning, behaviour, and social-emotional well-being. We work one-on-one with students and help parents access appropriate resources within the community.

Social Skills Development:  Members of the team lead social skills groups and teach conflict resolution strategies to students across all grades. They coordinate the Grade 6 mentorship program as well as various community building groups throughout the school year.

Partnership with Faculty: One of the main roles of the team is to work with classroom teachers and assistants to promote student success. Through classroom observations, team meetings, individual consultations, professional development activities and ongoing communication, we collaborate to ensure that students have meaningful learning experiences and grow to be life-long learners.

Support for Academic Needs

Resources: The Resource Team provides one-on-one and small group support to students who have been identified with specific learning needs. Resource teachers work in partnership with classroom teachers and assistants in order to implement individual plans. Learning goals and strategies are established using the results from academic screenings and psycho-educational assessments.

Math EnrichmentThe team works collaboratively with the Head of the Math Department in order to identify students who are ready for advanced math.

Additional Services  

Individual Tutoring, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy:  Parents seeking specific interventions for their children by a specialist can request the Student Services Department to assist in the coordination of such services.

Psycho-Educational Assessments: Evaluations are conducted by a psychologist on the team or referrals are made to professionals outside of the school.

The Strategy Enrichment Program (STEP):

STEP is offered in Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6

Purpose: This program offered in Grade 3-6 is to meet specific learning needs of our students with learning difficulties.

The formal evaluations describe and report students’ learning strengths, weaknesses and the impact on their learning.

Recommendations are provided to support our students learning challenges through instruction and accommodations.

A Collaborative Experience: Through class discussions and activities, we foster a safe environment where our students feel free to express themselves and learn about themselves as a learner.

Plans are reviewed through communication with classroom teachers, resource specialists, the Student Services Department and parents.

Creating a growth mindset in which each student believes they can improve as a learner and acts on that belief is the heart of our purpose.

Admission Procedures: A request for admission by their teachers, parents, administration and Student Services.

Classroom observations, teachers’ assessments, parents’ observations corroborate the recommendations for the STEP Program.

The students have had a relevant evaluation or are in the process of undergoing a Psycho-Educational, SLP or OT evaluation.

The parents will be provided with program information and will be asked to sign that they’re in agreement with their child participating in the program.

The STEP Program: Uses instructional material from the larger class as well as material and strategies determined by the teacher of the STEP Program.

Evaluations and report cards are reflective of the student’s needs and goals outlined on their individual plans.

Students are on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).