Created by SSA’s Student Services Department, the Body Break Space is where students can share ideas, thoughts and feelings while discovering methods for helping cope with this new routine.

Today’s activity is: Walk on a Rainbow, a mindfulness activity to move the body and rest the mind.

Purpose: Awareness of Surroundings and Details, Focus, Calm

What you need: Nothing!

  1. Before we begin, let’s recall the colours of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
  2. Let’s take a walk around your home.
  3. Throughout the walk, look for things that represent each colour of the rainbow. It can be anything: the colour of a lamp, a curtain, a plant, etc.
  4. You can write down the answers in a notebook, or simply in your mind.
  5. Depending on the surroundings, some colours will be more difficult to locate than others; this is part of the fun! Try to keep walking until you’ll find an example of every colour.
  6. When done, ask yourself how it felt to be mindful of your surroundings?

Was it fun? Was it calming?

Have a great day full of colours ☺