Dear SSA Families,

I hope this note finds you all well during this challenging and uncertain time.

In an effort to help you address questions your children may be asking about the Coronavirus, or to help you explain the situation even in the absence of specific questions, we have compiled a few articles on the subject that we feel would be helpful:

Please note that children’s reactions to these circumstances may range widely, from relatively unaffected to highly anxious. This vast spectrum is expected, and to that effect, we want to validate the children’s emotional reactions and let them know that whatever they are feeling is okay. You can tell your children that you have concerns too, but that you are taking the right precautions and listening to the experts as to how to manage. It is wise to avoid expressing your concerns in any detail in their presence. You can reassure your children that we will all get through this unusual time together.

As always, we are here to support you, and please feel free to reach out should you have specific matters you would like to address.

Jill Shein
Psychologist, Student Services