Promoting the Academic Success of Your Children

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Parents often ask what they can do at home to promote the academic success of their children. Lots of research exists to support the benefits of reinforcing learning outside of the classroom. Creating opportunities for children to play, experiment, and engage in their daily lives outside of school makes learning engaging, fosters creativity and imagination, and helps children see the value of education.
Here are some simple things parents can incorporate in their daily lives to make learning fun:
  • Discover the magic of public libraries! Not only do libraries provide free access to a wealth of books and resources, many also offer a variety of high-quality educational programs and activities. Connecting children to books outside of school can also help them develop a love of reading for pleasure.
  • Host family game nights with an educational twist. Making sure kids have access to games that promote problem solving and creativity is a great way to help them develop these skills, and doing it as a family can make it even more enjoyable. Switch between competitive and cooperative games to foster communication abilities and promote good sportsmanship.
  • Going on vacation for the holidays? Take the opportunity to engage your child before you take off and while you’re there. They can research the climate, history, and food of the destination before they get there, adding an extra layer of learning and pleasure to the experience while they’re there.
  • Encourage kids to use the skills they learn in school during everyday activities. For example, baking can be a great way to practice reading by having your child read the ingredients and the steps of the recipe out loud. They can also hone their measurement and math skills at the same time.
  • Field trips aren’t just for classes; parents can do them too! If you know that your child is doing a unit on animals and their natural habitats at school, why not take them to the Biodome? Your child is performing in French Theatre? That’s a great opportunity to take them to a French play. Reinforcing lessons with experiences helps kids understand what they are learning on a deeper level and makes it more meaningful for them.
  • Want your child to be more comfortable in their second or third language? Find opportunities to increase their exposure to the languages after school hours. You can encourage them to watch TV or movies in that language, enrol them in an extracurricular activity or schedule one hour every week for the family to speak to each other not using their mother-tongue. Increasing a child’s exposure to other languages day-to-day will help them develop their vocabulary and confidence in expressing themselves.
  • Make reading a regular activity in your home. Developing a love for reading and reading for pleasure, not just for homework, is proven to help kids do better socially and academically.

However you decide how to encourage your child to learn outside of school walls will help them not only in school, but will also support them in their journey to become lifelong learners!

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Alexandra D’Arrisso

Director of Student Services