Introducing PreK A to Passover through Science & their Makerspace

The children in PreK A are learning all about Passover! The class started talking about Yocheved trying to save her baby by putting him in a basket and floating him down the river. The children enjoy learning through doing, so this is how the story was introduced!

They began by explaining floating and sinking to the children as we filled up an aquarium with water.

The children chose an object that they thought would sink or float. Before they placed them it in the water, the children “predicted” what would sink or float. They moved from one side of the circle to the other as the different objects we chose to go in the water.

After speaking about why certain objects sank or floated, they moved to our Makerspace area to try to make something that would float for baby Moses to go in. The children used aluminium foil, popsicle sticks, foam, feathers and little pieces of wood.

At another table, the children created a baby Moses to place on their “basket”. The children had fun and were explained that they were doing what scientists and engineers do by using their minds and being creative.