Day 6: We are in the Galilee! What an unforgettable day!

2018-03-01T10:28:15+00:00 February 22nd, 2018|Arbel Cliffs, Boat, Disco, Galilee, Grade 6, Hiking, IDF, Israel, Jewish, JNF, Judaism, Kinneret, Party, Planting, Soldiers, Trees|

Learning about Israel, the religious traditions and having fun continues as we left the village of Maccabim and traveled to the Sea of Galilee, stopping on the way to plant trees in the JNF Lavie Forest. No matter how many times someone travels to plant trees in the forest, planting roots in the Land of Israel just as Abraham did in the Bible, is a special experience.

It is important to know that Israel is the only country in the world that has planted more trees than it has cut down, and it is also important to know that the Jewish National Fund planted 220 million trees in the State of Israel. Simply—WOW!

I am sure every Solomon Schechter family has a share in that number.

Bruno Ben David is a parent chaperone on the trip and his drone is flying above our heads to take breathtaking pictures of us wherever it is permitted. We have superb and memorable pictures for you.

We have continued hiking further north for one of the most interesting hikes in all of Israel, which takes place on the majestic Arbel cliffs. Extraordinary hardly describes this place which has 350 caves in addition to the height and size of the mountain.

The highlight of our day was a boat ride on the Kineret with a wild disco party.

After dinner, we will have two IDF officers come and teach us some basic training.

Two Solomon Schechter graduates whose families made Aliyah, have joined us for the past two days. It was wonderful to renew friendships and expand the “family.”

Every day we feel like this trip cannot get any better, and every day it does! Perhaps tomorrow will be no different!

We will visit Tzfat and the Hulah Valley, which is an area where 500 million birds migrate from Europe to Africa every year. It will be a wonderful sight to see.

The weather is simply perfect for us. The sun is shining but we are at a higher elevation, therefore, it is cooler at 25 degrees Celsius which makes hiking more enjoyable.

We look forward to tomorrow.