Day 5: Jerusalem

When Jerusalem was about to be surrounded, King Hezekiah realized that the city needed to make water provisions or everything will be lost.  King Hezekiah set up two teams to bring water from the Shiloach water spring which was located outside the city. One team dug from inside, while the second team dug from the outside, they met in the middle without a GPS directing the project.

Your children began the day with a walk inside the 500 m, water filled, tunnel.   It was a little chilly when we went in but it was an exhilarating activity that the children loved.  We went to a lookout and our guide, Chen, explained the various sites of the city and gave the students an understanding as to why King David chose this particular location to establish his monarchy.

We stopped at the Kotel and recited our personal prayers and we placed notes from our families and classmates within the crevices in the wall.  It was a spiritual experience.

We went into the Old City also known as the Jewish Quarter, where we had lunch dressed up in Biblical costumes. We wanted to be able to take a picture in front of a mural pretending that we actually lived in the times of the Bible.

We drove to the famous Jewish Market, at Machaneh Yehudah, where we supported the Israeli economy with our purchases of snacks, fresh fruit and souvenirs.

We drove back to the Kotel to visit their tunnels.

The section of the Kotel that we more often see spans over 70 feet of the 500 feet that makes up the entire Western Wall. It took Israeli archaeologists close to 30 years to clear 2000 years of debris that has accumulated in Kotel tunnels and it is now open to the public for everyone to see this extraordinary construction.

Over the years, people constructed homes and buildings next to the Kotel and to excavate this area, one would have had to demolish them.  However, Israeli archaeologists and engineers chose to support the buildings from underground and excavate under them creating tunnels that allow us to see and experience the Kotel the way it stood 2000 years ago.

We will leave central Israel tomorrow and travel to the Galilee to plant trees, to attend a disco party on a boat on the Sea of Galilee and to go on a memorable hike.

I am sure you were the recipients of excellent pictures from everywhere we were.