Hello everyone,

We had a lovely Shabbat even though our plans had to be altered due to the rain and an unusual closing of Masada. We did, however, manage a visit to the museum. There we saw a lovely display of life in Judea around the time of the destruction of the Temple (c. 70).

This morning we took the cable car up to Masada and descended on foot following a good explanation of the events that took place on this challenging mountain 2000 years ago by our guide, Chen. We drove to the Dead Sea and though the water and the air were nowhere near the 50 degrees that this place is used to, it was a great visit.

We then traveled to a Bedouin Camp and met a Bedouin Arab who told us all about the customs and way of life of the Bedouin people. The students were very engaged and they learned a lot from it. We had a camel ride and we had a delicious traditional lunch in their tents drinking traditional tea and coffee, making our own pita and we concluded this lunch with a Turkish delight for dessert.

We drove to our Youth Hostel in Kfar Makabim and had a blast with a Darbouka seminar which we accompanied by singing and dancing.

Yes, it was another great day.

Tomorrow we will meet our families in Tel Aviv.

P.S.: The weather is getting nicer, it is warmer every day which adds to the terrific time that we are having.