Remembrance Day

2017-12-20T18:02:43+00:00 November 13th, 2017|Canada, Ceremony, Grade 6, Performance, Poetry, Remembrance Day, Singing, Veterans|

Last week, students from Grade 6 proudly represented Solomon Schechter Academy at Hampstead’s Memorial Day Ceremony. The children recited the poem, “We Remember Them” by Mayra Castille and sang the Hebrew song, “Eli, Eli”.

Since Remembrance Day was on Saturday, on Monday, November 13 we honoured our brave and patriotic veterans. At 11:00 AM, our students all stood up for a moment of silence followed by Mr. Erdelyi reciting, “In Flanders Field” over our P.A. system. It was truly beautiful to see all our students reflecting on the veterans who serve our country so we can live in such an amazing one!